Review Matchbox Diecast 50 Car Pack (164 Scale), Mainly work vehicles.

The yesterday. I'm looking for information on the Matchbox Diecast 50 Car Pack (164 Scale), so i have to tell.

Matchbox Diecast 50 Car Pack (164 Scale)

From service to road-worthy sedans to flash cars and more This mega 50-pack of Matchbox vehicles offers great detail for kids and big variety Diverse play and missions in fun are in store from a variety of segments including city airport construction mountain and jungle. Each Matchbox vehicle can take kids on any adventure they can imagine Colors and decorations may vary. Not .... Read more or Check Price

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These were a great selection of toys Matchbox. It was not just cars but other things such as boats cars industry etc.. My kids loved them and enjoyed open each packaged . by Momma-k

A nice selection of vehicles not repeatable interesting with an emphasis on trucks and commercial equipment such as bulldozers plows and military vehicles. by KiLoGr

I read the reviews and in fact the vehicles were all working vehicles. This is usually difficult to find as most of the sets are all " Hot Wheels ". by Chief Tech

Good assortment of vehicles Matchbox. A lot of utility and construction vehicles. If your looking for the real Hot Wheels cars are the best choice of 2. by steve

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