12 Pull Back Racer Cars, These really race in my opinion

A previous week. I'm looking for information on the 12 Pull Back Racer Cars, so i would like to describe here.

12 Pull Back Racer Cars

12 cars assorted colors pull back and release. Size 2 1/2 inches each. Each listing is for a set of twelve (12) cars even though the images might show less.. Read more or Check Price

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as expected. Nothing special. Some will break fast. Just fun party favor ups picky . by Sara Strickland

It is a fairy tale and you will not believe how much they fly on the floor I got them for my grandson and he was very pleased with them. by P. Schuhmacher

Grandchildren loved it as part of its theme " car " for his birthday . by READING

These little cars were a lot of fun for my grandchildren ages 402. lasted longer than I expected. I gave it a 4 stars because if you are not there when they break the little ones ... by janet bain

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